FAQs TripleSat Constellation

Features & benefits

21AT Asia has acquired three <1m GSD satellites in a constellation that makes it possible for targeting anywhere on the earth once per day for dependable imagery data services.

  • Three satellites launched together on 10 July 2015 and phased 120 degrees apart: daily targeting anywhere with off pointing < 30 degrees.

  • Three identical satellites - cross calibrated: convenience for data integration.

  • <1m GSD with 24km swath width: the best combination of spatial and time resolution

  • High on-board geo-location accuracy: less ground reference points needed, less time and cost for map production

  • 24/7 imaging tasking plus large on-board memory: responsiveness and Efficient cloud free image acquisition & download

  • Stereo and area imaging capabilities

  • Acquisition capacity of half million sq.km per day

  • Image file format in GeoTIFF / TIFF

  • 7 years of projected mission life

  • MTF: PAN 10%,MS 20%


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