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Key features (Elevation30)


AvailableAvailable for more than 80 Million km² worldwide off-the-shelf
AccurateUp to 6m horizontal and 6m vertical accuracy at 30m grid spacing

Based on DTED2 standards (military standard) with competitive pricing
Reliable: Quality masks + specified to military standards

Elevation 30 is a unique worldwide 3D geographic reference database designed for large area coverage, addressing mapping, GIS and military needs.

HRS instrument on SPOT 5

HRS instrument on SPOT 5 is dedicated to simultaneous stereopairs acquisition:

  • 2 telescopes, one pointing forward and one aft of nadir, at a fixed angle of 20°
  • acquisition interval: 90 seconds along the track
  • an imaging swath of 600 km x 120 km (72,000 km2)
  • base/height ratio (B/H) of 0.8

A digital elevation model (DEM) is a file containing elevation values distributed on a uniform grid of an area of interest.
SPOT DEMs are produced by automatic correlation of stereopairs acquired by HRS.

pdf Download SPOT DEM technical description

SPOT DEM Precision
SPOT DEM Precision is a DTED level 2 product .
It contains two layers of information:

  • an HRS DEM
  • quality and traceability metadata

pdf Download SPOT DEM technical description

Reference3D is a global, geocoded database developed jointly by Spot Image and the French mapping and survey agency, IGN.

It is the foundation for any application that relies on very-high-quality elevation databases. It contains three layers of information:

  • HRS orthoimages
  • quality and traceability data

pdf Reference3D technical description

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