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Key features (Elevation8)

AccurateBased on matching of high resolution optical stereo or tri stereo imagery, up to 3m vertical accuracy at 8m posting
Two ModelsDigital Surface Models (DSM) including the "first surface" elevations and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) representing the bare Earth elevation available
TailoredProduction on-demand for your Area of Interest
CompliantSuitable to HRE80 (military standard (NGA) specifications

Elevation 8 DEMs feature an optimised combination of wide-area coverage and high-resolution, providing an ideal fit for the needs of mapping or oil & gas applications.

Elevation8 is derived from SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 stereo and tri-stereo optical satellite data and provides an optimised fit for the needs of mapping or oil & gas applications, particularly when large-area coverage is required.

The satellite’s optimised combination of wide-area coverage and high-resolution image acquisition, supports the rapid collection of imagery and delivery of products. The models are available tailored exactly to your Area of Interest starting at a minimum of just 1,000km².

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