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Key features (OneAtlas Basemap)


Plan operations, deployment and mission for defence & security

Provide up-to-date information for mapping purposes

Provide imagery database to determine where point of change have occured

OneAtlas Basemap – the most reliable worldwide imagery Layer â€“visualising the world based on our highest-grade satellite imagery to help make decisions, to monitor and plan missions. The Basemap provides the most reliable geo-localised information, accurate and constantly refreshed.

Constantly Updated Off-the-Shelf Worldwide Imagery Layer

Decision makers rely on precise and consistently updated geoinformation to make informed decisions and prepare effective action plans. The right information starts with an accurate and regularly updated basemap imagery layer over your Areas of Interest.

OneAtlas Basemap offers simple and cost-effective access to a curated and precise layer of satellite imagery.
Most data is refreshed yearly with an average refresh rate of eight months, covering the entire world. Imagery is near cloud free, available in flexible formats with the option to choose your own Area of Interest, or the entire globe.

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