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WorldView provides high resolution optical imagery. It is now possible to purchase, order and access WorldView data using Sentinel Hub (SH). By ordering this product, you can access the complete archive of the Very High-Resolution dataset.

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Mission Information
Maxar WorldView have a 0.5m resolution (panchromatic) and 2m in all other bands and have been available since 2009.
The WorldView constellations consists of four active satellites: WorldView-1 (data not available in SH), GeoEye-1 (GE01), WorldView-2 (WV02), and WorldView-3 (WV03). The WorldView-4 (WV04) satellite was operational from November 2016 to January 2019 and the data it acquired is available in SH. 

Basic Facts

Spatial resolutionVaries from 0.3m to approx. 2m. SH supports 0.5 m for panchromatic band and 2 m for multispectral bands.
SensorMultispectral Imagery, 5 bands are supported in SH: panchromatic, Blue, Red, Green and Near-Infrared band.
Revisit timeFrom approx. 1 day to 3 days depending on the satellite. Note that the data is in general not acquired systematically. Archive data is available sporadically over an area of interest. In case you need systematic monitoring of a specific area, contact us to order tasking (different pricing conditions apply).
Spatial coverageGlobal
Data availabilitySince 2009
MeasurementTop of the atmosphere (TOA) reflectance
Common usage/purposeLand-cover maps, land-change detection maps, vegetation monitoring, defence, traffic, marine monitoring

Available Bands and Data

BlueBlue, 450 - 510 nm2m
GreenGreen, 510 - 580 nm2m
RedRed, 630 - 690 nm for WV02 and WV03, 655 - 690 nm for GE01 and WV042m
NearIR1Near Infrared, 770 - 895 nm for WV02 and WV03, 780 - 920 nm for GE01 and WV042m
PANPanchromatic, 450 - 800 nm0.5m


BandUnitSource FormatTypical RangeNote
Optical and panchromatic bandsDNUINT160 - 4000Highly reflective pixels can have values above 10000.
dataMaskN/ABoolean0 - no data
1 - data

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