How to access the VM from OpenStack console?

We recommend not using Chrome browser because it responds very slowly while using the OpenStack console. Firefox works well.

1.     Log to https://creodias.eu with your credentials (Domain, User Name, Password)

 2.     Select "Your Cloud Environment"

3.     Select your authentication method.

4.     If you are using sub-account, please select Keystone, and you will be asked for number of your domain, username and password for     Horizon Dashboard. 

5.     Choose Compute/Instances pane

6.     Select desired VM by clicking on its name

7.     Select "Console" pane

8.     Enter login: eoconsole in case of Linux (if you are logging in at the first time, you will be asked for setting up new password)

In case of Windows choose desired keyboard and country settings, accept the license and set up a password for Administrator profile

You can now perform administrative tasks in the instance.

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