How to create new VM in OpenStack dashboard (Horizon)?

 Go to Project → Compute → Instances.

Insert the name of the Instance (eg. "vm01") and click Next button.

Select Instance Boot Source (eg. "Image"), and choose desired image (eg. "Ubuntu 16.04 LTS") by clicking on arrow.
We reccomend setting "Create New Volume" feature to "No" state.

Choose Flavour (eg. eo1.xsmall).

Click "Networks" and then choose desired networks.

Open "Security Groups" After that, choose "allow_ping_ssh_rdp" and "default".

Choose or generate SSH keypair for your VM. Next, launch your instance by clicking on blue button.

You will see "Instances" menu with your newly created VM. Open the drop-down menu and choose "Console".

Click on the black terminal area (to activate access to the console). Type: eoconsole and hit Enter.

Insert and retype new password.

Now you can type commands. After you finish, type "exit".

This will close the session.

If you want to make your VM accessible from the Internet check How Add/Remove Floating IP’s to your VM?.

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