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How to add groups to a system?

1. Introduction

In this guide we will describe how to create groups on one of your VM's. You can check the manual of your distribution in the terminal with man groupaddfor more technical information.

This article goes hand in hand with the User Creation Article.

Typically a dedicated group is required for read and write access to your EO-Storage.
We will provide you with a group ID during the setup and create the group on your initial VM.

2. Creating a usergroup

To a create group, use the groupadd command:

1 root@eodc:~$ groupadd -g GROUP_ID group_name

Example using group ID 5000:

1 root@eodc:~$ groupadd -g 5000 group_name

3. Add a Group to an existing User

Often used flags are -a (append) and -G (group). This tells usermod we are appending to the group name that follows the option.

1 2 ubuntu@eodc:~$ sudo usermod -aG sudo your_user ubuntu@eodc:~$ sudo usermod -aG group2,group3,group4 your_user

You can check the user groups with the id command

1 ubuntu@eodc:~$ id your_user

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